Supreme power from the Swedish Team

The Swedish Team has never been more powerful than at this Nordic event. They left Aalborg with five out of six Gold Medals this Afternoon. Finland claimed the last Gold Medal, in the Junior Ladies event.

In total Sweden claimed 12 medals (5 Gold – 4 Silver – 3 Bronze). Finland claimed 4 medals (1 Gold – 2 Silver – 1 Bronze). And Australia and Denmark each claimed 1 Bronze medal.



Swedish triumph at the Nordics Open

Senior Men

Alexander Majorov, Sweden, claimed his 5 Gold Medal at The Nordics this afternoon with 199,43 point. Valtter Virtanen, Finland, came in second to claim the Silver with 182,60 points. And from Australia, Brendan Kerry, hit the Bronze with 182,14 point. Both Valtter and Brendan had good attempts at the quad toe.

Senior Ladies 2

At the Senior Ladies Event the top three Skaters was 1, 2 and 3rd in both the Short Program as well as in the Free Skate. From Sweden Joshi Helgesson claimed the Gold with 168,44 point, Viveca Lindfors, Finland, took the Silver with 165,22 points, and Isabelle Olsson had the Bronze with 154,18 points.

The Dane sneaked in for the Bronze

At the Junior Mens event the Swedish Skaters again was a strong power nation on the ice. The Gold Medal was confidently won by Nikolaj Majorov with 163,20 point and a win in both the Short Program and the Free Skate. Certainly a Skater to watch out for in the future. John Olof Hallman, also from Sweden, took the Silver with 146,53 points. And then the Dane, Daniel Tsion, claimed the Bronze as he advanced from the place with a good Free Skate today. As this was the first medal for the Organizers at the Nordics, the mood in the Danish Camp increased. The Victory Ceremony is tomorrow at 15:05.

Junior men